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DOB Expediting

About this service

Our Cranes and Derricks permitting team is responsible for securing approvals for all phases of mobile crane, tower crane, derrick, and mast climber applications filed with NYC DOB Cranes and Derricks unit. Our expertise in navigating the complex rules and regulations imposed by NYC DOB Cranes and Derricks unit allows us to secure permits and solve problems effectively and efficiently in order to maintain our client’s demanding project schedules.
Our in-house NYC DOB Borough Office permitting team expedites a variety of NYC DOB applications, including Alteration Type 2, Alteration Type 3, Full Demolition applications, CCD-1 building code variances, borough office after-hours variances, and NYC DOB insurance updates. We offer unique expertise in filing alternative netting systems, climbing formwork systems, and mini-cranes, and provide permitting services for all work prepared by our firm’s engineering department. Our expediting services also include a range of other agencies including FDNY, NYC MTA, Metro-North Railroad, NYC Landmark’s Preservation Commission, NYC Office of Environmental Remediation, NYC Parks Street Tree Permits, NYC SBS Waterfront Permits, and FAA. Our expediting team always strives to provide well-researched and accurate expediting services to ensure permits are in accordance with the latest NYC code requirements.

Team Members Involved


NYC DOB Permitting Manager

Worked with us since 2008

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